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Upcoming Events

Girl Boss Event

This event helped budding women business owners to see their potential and gained insight from two trailblazing women creating a lane for themselves.

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Financial LitHERacy Bootcamp

Partnering with Credit Union of Texas, we helped girls ages 10-17 learn the basics of budgeting, banking, and opportunities of earning their own money.

Community Baby Shower for Single Mothers

This is event was held by our philanthropic arm of ConqHer that serves single mothers. The purpose of this event was to provide resources, tangibles, and education to new and seasoned single mothers.

Anxious for Nothing Event (Mental Health)

Guided by a licensed therapist, this event was designed to help women who battle with anxiety learn techniques to get through those moments. Attendees learned coping techniques such as breathing exercises, guided meditation, written prompts, and therapeutic yoga.