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Britani Anger

Personal Development

Britani Anger is the CEO of Banger Boutique, an inclusive online clothing store curated for women. She also serves as a mentor, development coach, brand strategist, and spiritual intercessor to many people. She has been recognized for her innovative leadership professionally and personally.

Throughout her life, Britani has been no stranger to unexplainable grief, trauma, and pain. Amid the twists and turns, and ups and downs, she did not allow her life experiences to identify her. Instead, Britani maximized the grace of God, picked herself back up, and made peace with her past. For Britani, she knows firsthand that every life can survive the most complicated and life-altering challenges. Her passion is mending broken hearts, transforming people's lives, while empowering and equipping them for their futures. Britani is indeed a powerhouse, a woman of influence, and impact, who wears many hats, but the noblest of them all is her devotion to her beautiful family.

Britani Anger
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