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ConqHer is here to serve the whole woman. Offering experiences, resources, and connections that will be life-changing and will help you go to a whole new level. We are here to help you do the work personally, professionally, financially, and mentally. No more doubting ourselves, let’s make it happen. 

Personal Development


Building confidence in girls and women to show up as their authentic selves through self-discovery & development 


Professional Development

Building confidence in career development, entrepreneurship and overall presentation in professional settings 

Financial Literacy


Building confidence in girls and women to have a positive relationship with their finances and how to leverage what they have

Mental Wellness


Building confidence In girls and women to seek help in the mental health capacity, put themselves first and walk in purpose with clarity and focus

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Have Questions?

 Drop us a line. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours. 

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We are excited about connecting with you!

Expect a call within the next business day.

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