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The Confidence Camp Program

The Confidence Camp offers young girls an opportunity to gain the guidance necessary to build their skills in self-development, self-confidence, and personal/mental wellness. The skills learned during this time are deemed extremely valuable as young women progress through life, motivating and inspiring them that they are more than just the gender stereotype placed upon them through biased societal ideologies associated with what is labeled as “female gender norms”.  Being a confident girl means saying no to what you don’t want and saying yes to what you do. Join ConqHer on a journey to grow further into womanhood, develop life skills, manage your mental health, build foundational Financial Literacy, and be confident in who they are.

Benefits of joining this program

  • Ongoing personal growth sessions throughout the year in person and virtually (only $60/year)

  • Sisterhood and connection 

  • Volunteer Service

  • 2 week summer camp (additional cost)

The What Now Program

The What Now Program is designed for girls 14-22 looking to discover their gifts, seek professional guidance in career/entrepreneurship mapping, college prep and readiness and mental clarity. 

Benefits of joining this program

  • Gain clarity and revealed purpose 

  • Mentorship opportunities

  • Sisterhood and Connection 


"It was great experience for my daughter and looking forward to the next one."

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